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Welcome to BE4E, Boundary Elements For Engineers, your primary host for more realistic structural modeling. We are a software development firm that is concerned with producing structural analysis products flourishing from the boundary element analysis. We are proud to introduce our main product the PLPAK. The PLPAK is a software tool for structural analysis of slabs that is based on the boundary element analysis of the shear-deformable plates. The PLPAK introduces a new era to more versatile user interaction with structural analysis. It provides advanced numerical methods for structural analysis of plates with a wide range of multidisciplinary applications.

The tool uses the boundary element analysis of the shear-deformable plates. From a simple CAD file to complex models of post-tensioned slabs and foundations, the PLPAK facilitates structural modeling and processes whole model creation in a matter of minutes. Harness this powerful tool, which uses the most thorough computation engine in producing results that were never thought achievable!


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