Welcome to CUFE - Boundary Element Research Group!

Our group is stationed at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Modelling is much more accurate now with software developed by our group, through the versatile research accomplished by our members using the boundary element method and other techniques. Contact yrashed@be4e.com for more information.

About Us

The boundary element method has recently been integrated in to several computational mechanics software.
Our team is continuously working on improving our BEM techniques and software.

We have a diverse team that tackles several topics in computational mechanics, and we intend to expand soon.

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Postgraduate Studies

The research and development team are experts in structural and mechanical engineering, and numerical methods in general.

Postgraduate research has consistently been active: PhD/Masters level and International Journal publishing.

Graduation Projects

We offer graduation research projects opportunities to structural engineering Year 4 undergraduate students. The diverse topics of research include structural analysis and design of tall buildings, foundations and more. Join up NOW!

نحن نقدم فرص مشاريع التخرج لطلاب الهندسة المدنية: إنشاءات, وتشمل موضوعات متنوعة من البحوث مثل تحليل الإنشاءات وتصميم المباني العالية، والاساسات و المشاريع الإنشائية الأخرى


We are a group of PhD holders, numerical modellers and professional structural/mechanical engineers. We are interested in applying the boundary element methods to structural/mechanical engineering problems; tackling modern computational mechanics problems with high computing capabilties. We are young, growing and daring. We also provide new structural modeling approaches. At CUFE-BE, the practical potential of the “Boundary Element Method” is finally becoming realistic!

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