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About us

We are a group of PhD holders, numerical modelers and professional structural engineers. We are interested in applying the boundary element methods to structural engineering problems; especially to building slabs and foundation plates. We are young, growing and daring. We provide new structural modeling approaches. At BE4E, the practical potential of the “Boundary Element Method” became realistic. We have solutions that can save your engineers time and lead to more accurate results that can save you money.

Our vision is to see structural analysis techniques become more realistic and easier for practicing engineers. 
Our mission is to bring new numerical approaches to model building slabs and foundation plates, and to continue updating these approaches with our developed new R&D results. 



Youssef F. Rashed, PhD
Professor of structural engineering
Prinicpal of BE4E

Dr. Rashed graduated from Cairo University in 1990 and obtained MSc in Structural engineering from the same university in 1994. He obtained PhD in engineering from the University of Wales, UK in 1997. Since his graduation, he was appointed in several academic and industrial positions in Egypt, UK and US. Dr. Rashed was awarded five international academic prizes. He is author of over 80 publications in international journals and conferences including two textbooks. He also served as technical referee for several international journals and for many committees in Egypt.  Dr. Rashed supervised several Master and PhD students at several Universities. He is now the principal of and the main developer of the PLPAK software package. Dr. Rashed has excellent experience in structural engineering, software developments and applied mathematics. His research interests include: boundary element methods, computer-aided structural engineering, soil-structure interaction, lateral analysis of tall buildings and structural dynamics. Go to list of publications...



Sameh S.F. Mehanny, PhD
Professor of structural engineering
Head of consulting services

   Dr. Sameh S.F. Mehanny is Professor of structural engineering at Cairo University in Egypt with special expertise in the field of earthquake engineering. He hold a Ph.D. in seismic structural engineering from Stanford University, 2000. His research activity is focused on computer modeling - under extreme load cases (Earthquake, Blast, etc.) - of structural systems cosidering both geometeric and material nonlinearities; development and application of nonlinear analysis methods for performance-based earthquake design; identification of appropriate and optimal earthquake intensity measures for reliable estimate of structure response; development of code improvement technique for seismic analysis and design of structures (Buildings and Bridges); seismic vulnerability assesment of various structures (Buildings, Bridges, Tanks, etc.); and general-purpose finite element applications. S.Mehanny has authored and co-authored about 32 scientific papers in international refereed journals and specialized conferences in the field of earthquake engineering. He is the recipient of the 2003 Raymond C. Reese Research Prize from Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers for his paper: " Mehanny, S.S.F. and Deierlein, G.G. (2001). Seismic Damage Analysis-Assessing Collapse Prevention for Composite Moment Frames. ASCE journal of structural engineering, Vol. 127 No. 9, September 2001." He is also the recipient of the STA fellowship in Science and Technology sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST), March 1999. S.Mehanny is serving as a technical reviewer for many international scientific journals in the area of structural and seismic engineering. He is a member of ASCE, affiliate member of Earthquake Engineering Research Institute EERI, member of Egyptian Society for Tunnels, and member of Egyptian Society for Engineers. He has been also previously elected President of EERI (Earthquake Engineering Research Institute) Peter Gergely Student Chapter at Cornell University for the year 1988. S.Mehanny has a very wide Practical experience in seismic analysis and design of long span bridges in moderate (e.g. Egypt) and high (e.g. Algeria) seismic zones. He is currently an active member in diffrenet committees responsible for the development of various specialized design codes in Egypt. S.Mehanny is currently the scientist in charge from Egyptian side in the 4-years long project "Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures" (Acronym:ADERS) that is funded by the seventh framework programme (FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IRSES, Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme), of the Research Executive Agency (REA) of the European Commission in Brussels.


Morcos F. Samaan, PhD 

Lecturer of structural engineering
RnD Developer of BE4E


 Dr. Samaan is a lecturer of structural engineering in The Higher Technological Institute -  Ramadan 10th City, Egypt.   He graduated from Cairo University in 1994 and obtained his MSc in Structural engineering from the same University in 2000. He had obtained PhD in Dynamics Applications using the boundary elements from Cairo University in 2007.He has about eighteen years of academic and practical experience in the field of structural analysis engineering. As academic; teaching various courses including structural analysis and mechanics, design of concrete and steel structures, implementation of software programs into structural modeling...etc. Dr. Samaan is supervising Msc and PhD students. In research area, he published his papers into international journals. He has his experience in many fields including the applications of boundary elements method, the fast multipole method, reliability analysis, and soil-structure interaction. On the other hand, as practical, he is awarded the consultant certificate from Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers. He also has headed the technical review sector in many consultant companies like Al-Amar Consulting Group, AMG, and Econstruct FZ-LLC. In which he participated in producing the construction drawings and documents in several projects in Egypt and Middle East including special applications such as high rise building and wide spans pre-stressed girders, and precast buildings.
Mostafa E. Mobasher
Structural engineer
Technical support director of BE4E

 Mr. Mostafa holds a bachelor degree in civil engineering. As a practicing structural engineer, Mr. Mostafa participated in many practical structural engineering projects including bridges and high rise buildings. He is experienced in the fields of post-tensioning, advanced soil modeling and lateral analysis of buildings.  Mr. Mostafa has a wide knowledge in structural modeling, boundary element analysis and software development. He had a great participation in the development of the PLPAK software especially in the design module (PLdesign) and the bidirectional link between Autodesk Revit Structure and the PLPAK. Currently, Mr. Mostafa is the technical support director of BE4E.