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Products of the BE4E solve structural systems using primarily the boundary element method. The earliest of these products was the PLPAK. Motivated by the accurate analysis procedures, several new products were created to serve for a wider range of structural analysis. This includes the PTPAK for post-tensioning analysis, PLDesign for slab and beam design, EHSPAK for advanced soil modeling (elastic-half space analysis) and LTPAK for lateral analysis.

BE4E continues to create more products to extend the boundaries of innovation in boundary element structure analysis and satisfy the construction industry with realistic analysis results and design solutions. All our products are extensible and interact mutually with each other to either work in a parallel path or sequentially.


To get to know more about our products, please visit the products pages:

      The PLPAK is special purpose software package for structural analysis of building slabs and foundations. The PLAPK uses the boundary element     method as numerical method.

Following are some introductory run samples for our products: