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Post-tensioning analysis is a unique part of the PLPAK, introduced as the PTPAK product. Post-tensioned cables are now entered in to the numerical model using two distinct tools known as the PTCableCalculator and the PTUpdater. This was enhanced by the use of the equivalent cable method to represent the cables.
Exact cable data are recorded such as the cable profile, coordinates of start and end, and pre-stressing force. The resulting straining actions produced by the PTCableCalculator are transferred to the PTUpdater to update any model with pre-stressing cables. An additional tool is available to export cable data onto AutoCAD to view the cable layout in the 3D.
Next in the PTPAK:
Soon, the BE4E developers team will present new tools to help users to input post-tensioning cables graphically in an interactive way.

Post-tensioning tutorials
The following set of tutorials are accessible by full lisence users of the PLPAK. Some tutorials are available for registered users.