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PLDesign (product desicription)

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PLDesign (product desicription)

What started as a few pages of a draft concept design procedure, turned into a product that designs slabs and beams extensively with simple steps. The PLDesign is now a robust design engine that imports results from the PLPAK and produces economic sections in a manner of minutes.

It is an easy to use product that helps you visualize straining reactions on slabs and beams, and maneuver into each structural member to add reinforcement steel of your choice. Reinforced concrete members are designed on the three major codes in our region, all available as defaults in the product and could be altered if needed. It has proven to be a reliable consulting tool using the industry standards.

Manuals & illustrations:

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Model propoerties window in PLDesign 



Slab design (red spots are unsafe)



Automatic slab detailing exported from PLDesign to CAD format


Slab design calculation sheet


Beam section detailer


Beam design calculation sheets