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PLPAK for researchers...


The BE4E has a powerful research team with different specializations including:

  • Computational mechanics.
  • Boundary element analysis.
  • Engineering informatics.


The research and development team of the are very expert in structural engineering and numerical methods in general. We concentrate our developments within the area of the application of the boundary element methods in practical structural analysis. We can help you or work with you in one or more of the following areas:
-          Preparing special desirable feature inside the PLPAK
-          Offering ways to link your developed software tools to the PLPAK
-          Offering advices and recommendations to any current boundary element research
-          Joining your research group as partner or consultant
-          Preparing special reports for any research problem
-          Helping you to embed your research inside the PLPAK
If you would like to discuss any of these topics or other thinking, just contact us on  

Latest news


The BE4E team has developed a stiffness manager that allows the boundary element model to import and export stiffness matrices. The PLPAK Stiffness manager can do the following:

  • Model any support using its stiffness matrix.
  • Export the stiffness matrix of any slab-beam system.