CUFE-BE Products & Portfolio!

The following is a list of our products up to date. All software utilize the boundary element method.

Our Products

Products we have created solve structural systems using primarily the boundary element method. The earliest of these products was the PLPAK. Motivated by the accurate analysis procedures, several new products were created to serve for a wider range of structural analysis. This includes the PTPAK for post-tensioning analysis, PLDesign for slab and beam design, EHSPAK for advanced soil modeling (elastic-half space analysis) and LTPAK for lateral analysis.

Our software is constantly being improved. Check in regularly for new versions and products.

Our Portfolio

The following are a list of actual practical building slabs and foundations analyzed and designed by our software.

Shopping Mall: Ground Floor (Large Model)

Displacement Contours: Ground Floor

Shopping Mall First Floor (Large Model)

Displacement Contours: First Floor

Raft Foundation with a multitude of piles

Silos on Piled-Raft Foundation

Design Tools and Sheets